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Quality Refractory Products

Leading Supplier of Refractory Materials in India

About Us

Om Sai Refractories, located in Wankaner (Gujarat), is a global exporter and supplier of high-quality refractory products. With a wide range of materials including boiler bricks, refractory castables, insulation bricks, and more, we cater to various industries. Our focus is on delivering superior products and providing excellent service to our clients.

Refractory materials are specialized materials that are designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions without undergoing any significant physical or chemical changes. These materials are commonly used in industrial processes such as metal smelting, glass manufacturing, and cement production, where extreme heat is a common factor. Refractory materials are typically made from a combination of minerals, such as alumina, silica, and magnesia, which have high melting points and excellent thermal conductivity. Their unique properties allow them to retain their strength and integrity even at temperatures exceeding 1600 degrees Celsius. Due to their durability, refractory materials play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of industrial furnaces and kilns. They provide insulation, protect against corrosion and erosion, and help to control heat transfer within the system.

Industries We Surve

  • Sugar Industries / Sugar Mills
  • Rollling Mills
  • Forge Industries
  • Glass Industries
  • Paper Mills
  • Iron & Steel Industries
  • Boiler Manufacturer
  • Furnace Manufacturer
  • Industrial Boiler Manufacturer
  • Engineers Industries
  • Cement Industry
  • Ingot Manufacturer
  • Power Plants
  • Gas Industries
  • Petro Chemicals & Refinery
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Industrial Furnace
  • Foundry / Ferrous & non-ferrous