Our boards, blocks, pipe sections are made with calcium silicate and can be used to insulate high-temperature applications like ducts, boilers, steam pipe lines and furnaces among many others. Their high load-bearing capacity makes them ideal for heavy-duty equipment across industries.

insulation blocks and pipe coverings are made from hydrated calcium silicate, reinforced with non-asbestos fibres. It is a rigid material with high compressive strength and low shrinkage at high temperature. Also the material has very low thermal conductivity. The large blocks and pipe coverings can be easily cut and shaped at site with carpenter’s tools.

Industries where our calcium silicate products are majorly used in are as follows:

  • Cement – Insulation for Precalciner Cyclones & Riser Ducts, Precalciner, Tertiary Air-Ducts, Firing Hood & Clinker Cooler, Flue Gas Heat-Recovery to CPP HRSG Unit
  • Power – Reducing energy costs for Fluidised Bed Boilers, Flue Gas Heat Recovery System, Steam Pipe Lines, Air Preheaters
  • Iron & Steel – Reheating and Walking Beam as well as Annealing Furnaces, Pellet Plant / DRI Kilns, Roller Hearth furnaces, Blast Furnace / Stoves, Coke Ovens (Recovery & Non-Recovery types)
  • Others – Fire Protection of natural gas lines, Boiler and steam pipe lines in sugar Industries, Steam-traced furnace, oil storage tank and piping, Regenerator in glass-melting furnaces, As thermal Insulation of steam Lines in naval ships.