Our Refractory Crushed Boiler Bed Material of Low Ferric High Temperature product, is processed from selected super heat duty refractory aggregates of moderate alumina contents and of highly dense texture. This very special Boiler Bed Material of Refractory Aggregates fired at a temperature of 1400 Centigrade has many special characteristics that make it a perfect material for obtaining smooth and perfect AFBC and CFBC boiler.

Good Performance – Iron free – no clinker complaints – more comfort to AFBC Boiler and save materials if add any components fuel. The advantages of the Fire Clay Based Bed Material
1. Its manufactured from fresh refractory clay and not from pre-used fire bricks. Hence it is virgin, pure and fresh from the factory. It does not carry the impurities like the conventional bed material.

2. The content of iron is very negligible. Except for the basic content in the clay the material is not attracted to any foreign iron contamination.

3. Corrosion to the boiler bed coil tubes is prevented by using this product.

4. It is free from moisture. In general conventional bed material comes along with 10% to 15% moisture.

5. It saves your fuel, because of its pure from the entire part of the bed material absorbs the heat from the fuel and functions as a perfect media.

6. The consumption of the bed material will drastically come down because of its effectiveness in maintaining its shape (Maximum size higher quantity) for a longer period than the conventional material.



Alumina as Al2O3
30% – 40%
Silica as SiO2
50-60% Max.
Alkalies Na2O + K2O
Less Than 1%
Iron as Fe2O3
Less Than 2.5%
Titanium Oxide TiO
Less Than 1%


Particle Density
2.00 gm/cc
Bulk Density
1000-1100 kg/m³
Initial Deformation Temperature
> 1300° C
Maximum Particle Size
2.80 mm
Minimum Particle Size
0.85 mm

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